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We Take The Hassle Out Of Hauling

With solutions designed to simplify operations, improve efficiency and scale on-demand

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Finally, the on-demand app experience for the hauling industry.


We created the first real market for hauling services

We make it quick and easy for contractors to find qualified haulers when they need them and for haulers to find more work and improve contractor satisfaction.   The TruckIT platform is a great resource for last-minute needs, but most of our customers use the marketplace for strategic planning and PO's on long-term projects for all their hauling needs.


We help you grow and increase profitability

TruckIT's network and technology gives contractors, haulers, and suppliers an abundant amount of new features to run their business more efficiently.  With this flexibility, it’s easier to effectively deploy human capital, stay within budget, increase productivity, find new partners that meet your standards, and access available capacity ahead of your competitors 


We clean up messy processes

We turn all of those tickets, time-sheets, and invoices into user-friendly reports that your back office people will love.  Any record is available 24/7 and in one place, no matter where you are.  Real-time digital ticket data allows you to verify work completion, monitor measure progress and quickly resolve any disputes. Our system even helps customers get paid faster!


We reduce hassles, time-sucks & headaches

We virtually eliminate time spent on the phone  and making calls just to know where things stand.  You know, the “when will you be here” calls (drivers, dispatchers, and contractors know what we're talking about).  The TruckIT app offers visibility with real time, GPS-based map tracking and ETA estimation. All the data and information you need to successfully do your job is just a click away on your app.  

How TruckIT Can Transform Your Business?

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