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The Top 5 New Tech Ideas For The Building Industry

11/19/18 4:50 PM

People often say that the construction industry is a laggard when it comes to adopting new technology. This may have be partly true just a few years ago: compared to many other industries, a lot of our work occurs on the road, or in the field, far from our PCs and strong internet connections, making the technology that could truly help us work better was unavailable most of the day.

Today, this is clearly not the case. Mobile phones and tablets have become almost as powerful as those old desktop computers. Moreover, their prices have declined to the point where almost anyone can afford to carry real computing power and internet connectivity with them no matter where they are working.

As a result, mobile "apps" are emerging that can make a real difference in the way we work every day. Below are a few of the best new ideas, judging by downloads, reviews, and user feedback. We don't focus on brand names here, because things change fast and there are a bunch of new

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