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Use TruckIT To Ease Your ELD Concerns

11/8/18 12:39 PM

There's a reason why a significant number of short-haul fleet owners are shelling out a couple hundred bucks per truck for ELD solutions: as insurance for the rare occasions when drivers are unexpectedly non-compliant with regulations.

While ELD is not required for short-haulers that meet the DOT's exemption criteria, there are occasions where drivers will exceed 100-mile or 12-hour day limits. The 8th time in any 30 day period that a driver exceeds these criteria, BAM! the RODS criteria apply for the next 30 days. The thing is, these owners probably don't know on the 3rd occurrence that they're going to have an 8th, so the driver isn't keeping records. All of a sudden they're faced with potential consequences of non-compliance.

So should you buy a device just as insurance against the rare instances when you'd wished you had one? If your drivers are using the TruckIT app, the answer is NO!

TruckIT's GPS data can be used to document driver hours and distances if you ever needed to look backwards for regulatory purposes. We can also calculate "air miles" (direct point-to-point as the crow flies) which odometers can not.

The TruckIT Team

Written by The TruckIT Team

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