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"TruckIT enables us to bid on hauling-intensive projects all over the region - and we've landed some big ones!"

Andrew Lindsay

President, Astra Group


More Opportunities, Less Hassle

A Faster, Simpler Way To Get Trucks

Forget about all of the phone calls to coordinate your hauling needs.  Go online or use the app to place and confirm your order.

No More Tracking Trucks Down

Now you can just open your mobile app to see where your trucks are and their ETA.  If things change, our app makes it easy to communicate with drivers and update them in real-time.

We Take Care Of Compliance

No need to worry about fishing for certificate-of-insurance, DBE designation, and the associated record-keeping.  TruckIT can solve even the most specialized hauling challenges.  Best of all,  we conveniently warehouse all of the project paperwork for you in one place.

One Bill Covers All Of Your Hauling

TruckIT streamlines the entire payment process by paying haulers directly and then sending you a single, summary invoice.  We'll break out and itemize your costs by hauler, truck and project to give your back-office some needed relief, too! 

5 -STAR Haulers

Reliability and performance ratings from other contractors makes it easy to identify qualified haulers with little risk or effort.  Disappointed with current haulers?  Just go online and try new outfits to expand your network of haulers to build a roster that you can count on.

Digital Tickets

Get out from under the piles of tickets.  With TruckIT, reconciling and reporting is fast and easy using our real-time digital ticket data.

Dispatch Control™ For Contractors

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Fleet dispatch and tracking has traditionally required a lot of lead time and then a lot of phone/text communication.  More automated solutions were expensive and often required dedicated hardware for the fleet.

With TruckIT, dispatchers can now direct their fleets in real-time, instantly put directions and delivery contacts in the hands of drivers, and automatically track progress - all at a very low cost.

Air Ticket™ To The Rescue

TruckIT has invented a true breakthrough for the hauling industry.  Slated for early 2019, our patent-pending Air Ticket™ system replaces paper ticketing with a digital bill of lading. 

The scale house sends pertinent information directly to the driver's phone, while simultaneously storing the record in the cloud, providing a fully paperless system for record-keeping, reconciliations, inventory management, or billing.  Drivers get on the road quicker and no longer need to maintain and return their stacks of tickets.


How Contractors Use The TruckIT System

TruckIT's technology offers the world's first true marketplace for hauling jobs and services.  This network brings large numbers of contractors and haulers to the same place, which enables both sides to finally find what they need with little effort.  When haulers need jobs or contractors need trucks, -- no matter how soon, how specialized, or how large - this is where they go to find it. 

And it gets even better.  Because our network is on the web, TruckIT can provide haulers and contractors with new time and cost-saving tools.  Say goodbye to carting around reams of paper tickets and manually logging them in to spreadsheets.   Say hello to digital GPS tools that let you monitor trucks in real-time and precisely determine trip mileages and turn-times.  And for good measure, add in communication tools to make sure everyone is safe and on the same page.

The result is a simpler, faster, more reliable, and more economical way of doing business!

Post Your Job, Take Delivery, Pay One Bill


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

The TruckIT platform fits our operations almost like it was designed for us. It makes site work management a breeze. Our field managers have fewer delays and a lot less headaches. Most importantly, TruckIT allows us to bid on hauling-intensive projects all over the region - and we've landed some big ones!

Andrew Square-045040-edited

Andrew Lindsay

President, Astra Group

I started using TruckIT to arrange hauling for a hazardous waste removal project. TruckIT's system allowed me to select truckers with specialized credentials and insurance, as well as DBE contractors to submit a bid that checked all the boxes. We also use their dispatch system to keep an eye on our hauls for project planning along with performance and productivity management.


Jim Sutherlund

Sutherlund Logistics

TruckIT is one of the few apps that we can take on-site to manage projects more closely and ensure that we don't get hit with delays from no-shows. Before TruckIT, in order to get the trucks we needed, we had to turn the process over to third parties. We had very little control or ability to know ETAs and that kind of thing. This a big step forward for us.

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Barry Lacroix

Partner, Lacroix & Sons

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