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For Haulers

  • How do I find new jobs?
    When you create your account, you'll be asked how many miles you're willing to drive to start a job.  After that, you will be notified any time a contractor posts a new job that falls into that geographic area.  It's then up to you to review the job and it's fees to determine if you'd like to bid on it.  If you do, you then submit a bid or a counter-proposal.  If the contractors accepts your bid, you will be notified via text or email.
  • Can I negotiate my price?
    Great question!  In the marketplace, Contractors set the job's asking price.  If the job looks appealing, but the price isn't, you can submit a proposed price of your own (no guarantee that the Contractor will take it though).
  • What is required for sign up and use of TruckIT?
    We will need basic contact info for the account holder and the associated business.  In addition to that, we require valid liability and worker's comp insurance (click here for details).  During account creation, we will ask you for your insurance agent's name, phone, and email address to gather the insurance proofs.  You will also be provided our Hauler License Agreement which outlines other important conditions, such as maintaining safe, licensed vehicles.
  • Do I have to pay for TruckIT?
    No.  You received 100% of the job fee that you agree to in the marketplace.  TruckIT does make a small fee on each job, which is already factored into the price that you accept.
  • As a driver, can I use TruckIT if the rest of my company doesn’t?
    Yes, as long as you provide all required company information, including insurance info.  Payment for your services will be sent to the company that belongs to that account.

For Contractors

  • Is TruckIT free for contractors?
    Yes.  There is no fee for our service, but you do need to pay for your hauling!
  • So Contractors pay TruckIT, and not the Haulers?
    TruckIT pays drivers within 7 days (as an incentive for their working with you) and that's well before most contractors would generally pay.  So after the last delivery, we will invoice you on Net 30 terms for the services you contracted.  If you worked with half a dozen companies, this means you only pay one bill - to TruckIT (our invoices are organized so that you can easily allocate project costs or track it by vendor.
  • Who prices the hauling job?
    While technically, the contractor posts an amount that he/she is willing to pay, in reality "the market" sets the price.  For example, if a contractor offered $100 for a 5-hour job, there would almost certainly be no takers and he/she would need to raise the price until a hauler, knowing time and distances involved, thought the deal made sense.  We have tools on our site to help provide some market-based guidance for price-setting, as well as the number of trucks needed.
  • What happens in bad weather?
    The industry understands that rain or snow create difficult work conditions, so we allow contractors to cancel accepted jobs in the event of bad weather.  Haulers acknowledge this in their legal agreement.  When a job is cancelled, it is truly 'done' - a new job must be scheduled to make up that delivery.  This may be filled by the same hauler or a different one, depending on availability.

For Material Suppliers

  • What types of supply companies does TruckIT work with?
    In the traditional "supplier" definition, TruckIT currently serves companies in the aggregate and asphalt sectors, which is where initial demand for services was strongest.  We also work with large waste projects and demo companies, where our Dispatch solutions are used in a very similar manner.
  • Do I have to pay for TruckIT?
    Suppliers generally rely on our Dispatcher solutions.  We have a no-fee solution for smaller operations, but most Supply companies or dispatch-intensive projects use our Enterprise Dispatch tool, which has a monthly license fee, as well as a small 'per job' cost.
  • Does the Dispatch solution work if we sub-contract our trucks and drivers?
    Absolutely!  Many supply companies use a combination of owned and sub-contracted trucks, depending on seasonal levels of demand.  TruckIT will support 100% Owned, 100% subbed, and anything in between.
  • How much training is needed to use the Dispatch solution?
    The system is pretty easy to use.  We generally spend less than a day training dispatchers and have developed an online training process for drivers that only takes an hour or so.
  • What kind of ROI does TruckIT deliver?
    Every company is different, but our data shows that even very small scheduling improvements  - we're talking minutes per job - add up over time to create very impressive ROI.  Other factors, such as improved customer satisfaction - from better delivery completion - and fleet-flexing - maintaining a small fleet for low-demand times and then scaling up via our marketplace to meet demand peaks - can also generate significant return on investment.
  • Can TruckIT use data from our other systems, like our CRM (orders) or Accounting software?
    In many cases, yes.  When suppliers have systems that are relatively modern and API-friendly, this can be fairly easy.  In other cases, we perform more direct integrations with their systems.  In any case, we will evaluate your systems and propose a solution that reflects the time and complexity of the integration process.

General/Getting Started

  • How do I create an account?
    When you click any of the “get started” buttons on this site, you will be taken to the page where accounts are created.  Note:  If you are a hauler, you will need to provide your insurance agent's name, phone number, and email address.
  • What do I do after I create my account?
    Both contractors and haulers use our customer portal to add supplemental information we use on the system.  For example, hauling companies will add trucks, drivers, and possibly dispatchers.  Contractors will enter in their authorized users.  When these users are added, our system sends emails to them to assist with logging in and downloading our apps.
  • Can I join TruckIT if I'm just an employee and not the company owner/manager?
    Yes, as long as you provide all required company information, including insurance if you are a hauler.
  • Why is my account not active/pending approval?
    Because the TruckIT service is based upon contracted agreements between Contractors and Haulers, we take steps to make sure that everyone posting a job, or bidding on one, is legit.  Also, things like proof of insurance must be received and reviewed for haulers.  In general, we approve accounts within a day or two of submittal.

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