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Keep Your Trucks Running

Have a truck or two sitting in the yard because you don't have any work?  Use TruckIT to find quality jobs available near you.  Accept a job from the Job Board, or rebid and propose your own price.

Get You Paid Fast

Tired of chasing money or waiting for contractors to pay you?  When you complete an order using the TruckIT app, we pay in 7 days.  

Cut Your Paperwork

Are ticket processing, invoicing and collections sucking up all of your time? TruckIT manages all of the invoicing and collections from Contractors so you don't have to!

Work Smarter

How can you use technology to be a more profitable? Better coordination.  Plan a better schedule with traffic-aware trip times, find the fastest routes, navigate to new job sites with ease, keep dispatch and customers in the loop.

End Those Time-Wasting ETA Calls

How much time do you spend getting directions and letting people know where you are? Get your directions, job specs and job-related messaging via our app. The app also lets dispatch and the customer know when you’re arriving so they won’t need to call and you can concentrate on the road!

Work From Anywhere

Want to spend more time on the road (or on your boat) and less in the office? Our app allows you to manage all aspects of your business and schedule with just your smartphone.

Need A Simple, Affordable Dispatch Tool?

Do your drivers waste time every morning coming to the yard to get the day's work?  Do drivers miss important information, like mid-day job changes?  And how much does everyone like those annoying calls just to get an ETA?  With TruckIT's Dispatch Command™, you can now deliver everyone their jobs and have the schedule waiting for them via their smartphone.  Update any schedule or changes in real-time.   Add new assignments during the work day, because you can always see where your trucks are with our "Live" maps and what stage of the job they're completing via our Racetrack.

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What If There Was A Ticketless Fast Lane?

Well, drivers would save a lot of time and their companies would save a lot more by eliminating paperwork.  But how? 

TruckIT has invented a true breakthrough for the hauling industry.  Slated for early 2019, our patent-pending Air Ticket™ system lets TruckIT haulers skip the ticketing process - and the lines! -- at the scale house.  With an alternative to paper bills of lading, this system means drivers won't need to keep up with tickets and get them back to the office every week.

How Haulers Use TruckIT 

While hauling companies use TruckIT to manage and dispatch their own fleets, or to borrow and manage capacity from other subs, the majority of our customers just use TruckIT to find more work.

This takes them to TruckIT's Marketplace - an online store for negotiating hauling contracts.  This network enables haulers to grow their business by having market visibility and discovering new revenue opportunities quickly and with minimal effort.  Completing the work and then getting paid fast is also easy when using the TruckIT system isn't bad either.

Earning New Money On TruckIT


Take It From These TruckIT Users...

"THE TRUCK IT APP IS SO MONEY!" Yeah, that's a corny line, but I'm meeting new contractors every week through Truck IT and can focus on driving, instead of looking for work!

Nick Steele

Nick Steele

Steeler's Wheels, Acworth GA

"TRUCKIT'S 7-DAY FAST-PAY HAS HELPED ME MANAGE MY CASH MUCH BETTER" I just bought my third truck this year. I don't know how I would have gotten through that change without a very reliable flow of cash. Great service TruckIT!


Larry Russ

H&R Transport, Atlanta GA

"IT'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE NOT HAVING ANY MORE ETA CALLS" Instead of constantly trading calls and texts with the office and my customers, Truck IT's app does the work for me.


Jack Dooling

Owner, Tucker Trucking

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