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Flex Your Fleet To Meet Peak Demand

Instead of building a fleet to meet peak demand, use TruckIT to build capacity when you need it.  Use our marketplace to find, recruit, and test contract haulers.  You can evaluate their performance via Dispatch Command to steadily improve and upgrade your delivery operations.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With our traffic-specific planning & routing tools, schedule to meet the most exacting customer requirements - even for last-minute orders. Use delivery quality to differentiate your business from the competition!

Get More Trips From The Same Trucks

Our customers have realized major efficiencies (10%+) by using our current scheduler. We expect even stronger gains from future versions that utilize advanced analytics to recommend schedules for you!

Massive Reductions In Paperwork

Using our patent-pending "Air Ticket" system, eliminate paper tickets for your haulers -- and all of the back office work that they produce!

Dispatch Control™ For Suppliers

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Fleet dispatch and tracking has traditionally required a lot of lead time and then a lot of phone/text communication.  More automated solutions were expensive and often required dedicated hardware for the fleet.

With TruckIT, dispatchers can now direct their fleets in real-time, instantly put directions and delivery contacts in the hands of drivers, and automatically track progress - all at a very low cost.

Air Ticket™ To The Rescue

TruckIT has invented a true breakthrough for the hauling industry.  Slated for early 2019, our patent-pending Air Ticket™ system replaces paper ticketing with a digital bill of lading. 

The scale house sends pertinent information directly to the driver's phone, while simultaneously storing the record in the cloud, providing a fully paperless system for record-keeping, reconciliations, inventory management, or billing.  Drivers get on the road quicker and no longer need to maintain and return their stacks of tickets.


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Take Your Delivery Ops Up A Notch

With no shortage of competition in material supply, it's getting harder and harder to get a leg up.  Do you think customer service is one of the areas where your business can stand out?  Needs to stand out? 

If you've ever yearned for a simple solution to help you realize that goal, then we should talk.

Contact us to learn more about what we've done for the supply industry, scalable field management solutions and, more importantly, what we can do to help you!  

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